At the dawn of the Third Crusade, two worlds collide...

For centuries, humanity has put their faith in ancient gods, in prophets and messiahs, and sometimes in each other. Goddess & Gorgon is a tale of faith in all such things. It is also an exciting new card-dice game from Enfabled. 

Explore a world of magic inspired by Greek Mythology and Medieval Chivalry. Goddesses and Gorgons, Acolytes and Knights battle for power in an epic adventure that combines Trading Cards with Dice Battles. Powerful swords and legendary shields, protect your characters, and magical spells will help you defeat your opponent.


G&G follows six unique characters as they unravel a mysterious threat to the world of Myth.

An important goal while developing G&G, was to keep things simple while still offering a game format that could be both easy to learn and skillfully mastered. Too many card games are poorly designed, text heavy or require vast knowledge of rules and abilities. G&G’s card design was meant to eliminate confusion and streamline the game’s action as much as possible. We believe this gives G&G and truly dynamic approach to the Collectible Card Game and Dice genres. 

G&G's fast-paced battle system utilizes a vast arsenal of melee weapons, in addition to spells and characters.


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To raise funds to continue to commission artwork for the game, we have launched a Patreon page for Goddess & Gorgon which is funding right now. Monthly patrons will score exclusive cards. Each month is a new card. Pledge now to collect them all!