Draw Blood Remix is exactly that - a remix of a game we helped launch a few years ago. The original Draw Blood was a lot of fun, however when creating that version, a lot of cool ideas and card designs never made it out of development and into the final game. Fast forward two years, when we discover we really love simple card-shedding games. After successfully launching Four Wizards, we wanted to revisit the Draw Blood concept and bring back discarded elements from earlier versions of the game, while also creating a completely new game with cards already familiar to Draw Blood fans. The result is Draw Blood Remix, a fast-paced game where players draw and discard their way to an empty hand, laying down a variety of Monsters that that can hinder your opponent’s progress. But stay alert, because in Draw Blood your opponent can get you back. Strategic card management and fun ways to stop Monsters (and your opponent) are the essence of Draw Blood Remix.

Each deck comes with 52 cards and supports a game of 2-4 players. Included are 28 Monsters. Vampires, Werewolves and Swampsters all have a special action that occurs when they are played. Mummies do not have a specific action, but cannot be killed. The other three can be killed by specific Weapon Cards which cancels the cards additional action. In other words, if a Monster is killed by an opponent, the additional action printed on the Monster Card does not resolve.

In addition to the Monster and Weapon cards, there are 12 Blood Cards. Blood Cards allow players to initiate similar actions to the Monster Cards, but Blood Cards cannot be stopped by an opponent. For that reason, Blood Cards have a lot of value in Draw Blood, and should be used wisely.

Blood Cards

Draw Two - When you play this Blood Card, the next player in turn must Draw Two cards. After the player draws the additional cards they will still be able to play their turn. If they do not have a playable card after Drawing Two, they must continue to Draw until they draw a card that can be played. A turn is determined complete when a card has been played.

Swap Hands - When you play this Blood Card, swap your hand with the hand of another player. The choice of which player to Swap Hands with is yours. Once the “swap” has occurred, play continues to the next player in turn.

Exile A Card - When you play this Blood Card, you may Exile a card from your hand completely from the game. To do this, discard ANY card of your choice from your hand. Place the card of your choice facedown on the tabletop, thus removing it from the game completely. The card has now been Exiled and cannot be reintegrated this round. 

Skip - When you play this Blood Card, Skip the next player’s turn.


To play with 2 players, deal 10 cards to each player. For 3 or more players, deal 7 cards to each player. After the cards have been dealt, place the remainder of the deck face down to form a Draw Pile. The person to the left of the dealer begins and play continues in a clockwise direction. On your turn, play a card from your hand by laying it face up next to the Draw Pile. 

You may play any Monster Card or Blood Card from your hand. When you play a Monster or Blood Card, the Action written on the card must be completed before the turn is over. You may only play a Weapon Card to immediately kill a Monster that was played by an opponent on the previous turn. If a Weapon Card is played to kill a Monster, the Action written on that Monster’s Card does not come into play. 

A turn is determined complete when a card has been played, and any applicable Action has been resolved. Using a Weapon Card to kill a Monster counts as a player’s turn. 

The WINNER is the first person to get rid of all the cards in their hand. Once a player has no cards left, the game is over. If a player “goes out” on a Monster Card, and the next player in turn has the Weapon Card that kills that Monster, the second player wins the game instead, IF killing the Monster with that Weapon Card would cause them to go out as well. If no player "goes out" before the Draw pile is depleted, reshuffle the Discard pile and continue playing until someone get's rid of all their cards. To play again gather all the cards, including any Exiled ones, reshuffle and deal new hands.